Come Out Swinging!

Golf Swings With Substance

Teeing off with a long hit up the fairway makes every golfer smile. Improving your swing help to start each hole off in the right direction and leads to a more enjoyable game. Here are a few tips to try for a more powerful, consistent swing. You may be surprised what a couple of tweeks can translate to on the scorecard.

The Grip

Using a proper grip can prevent your wrists from rolling and gives you better control of the club. To start, hold the handle more in your fingers than your palm and use a light grip to allow for greater wrist action.

Grip your club so the "V" between the thumb and index finger, on both hands points toward your back shoulder. Keep your hands one on top of the other and do not link or overlap your fingers.

Mind Your Spine

Work at maintaining your spine angle as you swing (do not straighten upright on your back swing) to help achieve the desired sweeping motion.

A stable spine angle prevents the rest of your body from adjusting and keeps your swing on-plane. Do not round your back or tuck your head down, instead, try to keep your head in line with your spine.

The result will be a more consistent golf shot and less pressure on your lower spine. Improving your flexibility and core strength can help you maintain a consistent spine angle and increase the power in your swing.

Arm Extension

Achieve a longer drive by extending your arms for maximum leverage. Extend your arms back away from your head. Hinge your wrists with the club face pointing upwards at the top of your back swing. Stopping your swing before extending your arms fully or allowing them to drop at the top of your swing generates less power.

To reduce the chance of a slice and increase your distance even more, try to keep your forearms close to each other as you connect with the ball.

Body Movement

The greatest power for a longer shot comes from your body core, not your arms. As you follow through, your hips shouldn't just rotate, they should transfer the weight in your lower body forward allowing you to fire through the ball with momentum. Your arms will drop naturally bringing the momentum with them to power your shot.

Keep a straight front leg and hip plane as you come in contact with the ball and continue to rotate your hips fully after impact for maximum momentum.

Play It Safe!

Correcting your golf swing improves your game and reduces your risk of injuries like golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) and back strain. With care and awareness you can have an enjoyable and successful golf season.

  • Warming up your body before teeing off will increase blood flow, range of motion and allow for more fluid movement. Remember to stretch out your arms, shoulders, torso and legs as they all play a part in your game.
  • Using an Inferno Wrap™ prior to tee off will prepare your muscles and tendons for activity.
  • Have the course golf pro evaluate your swing to ensure you are using the proper technique.
  • To avoid inconsistent shots and strain on the lower back, position yourself to the ball so you don't have to overextend to reach it. A little trick to try; hold your towel or head cover in your underarm, if it drops during your back swing move closer to the ball.
  • If you are experiencing pain, treat it immediately to avoid on-going problems and future chronic conditions.
  • Flexibility is key to a powerful and painless golf game. Improve your flexibility with daily stretching and/or yoga (with the approval of your doctor).

Visit for golf game stretching suggestions.

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